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100 1 _aFrench, Jackie.
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490 1 _aPhaery Named Phredde ;
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520 _aPhredde, Pru and Bruce are back and this time they're in ancient Egypt. Will the pyramids survive? Instead of just roaring like all volcanoes that are school bells do, it erupts and a tunnel opens. Phredde, Pru and Bruce can't help but enter the tunnel, magic at the ready, for a new adventure. It seems Fluffy, Queen of the Nile, has sent this time tunnel to seek out a brave and brilliant girl to save her - this has to be Pru, well, it can't be Phredde, she's a phaery, and Bruce, well, he's a frog and a boy. Will one girl, a phaery and a frog be able to save Fluffy, Queen of the Nile? And, what kind of a name is Fluffy for an Egyptian queen anyway? Ages 7-12.
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_tPhaery Named Phredde ;
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